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Buying lower cost car insurance can be ridiculously easy. Just ask for it!

Wish to pay less for car insurance? put off by 'bargain basement' insurers that are too low priced to offer a decent service? Getting a large reduction in your premium is often very easy, but so few people ever try this simple, easy method.

You just ring your current insurer. It's usually an 0800 number so the call should be free. Speak to someone at the sales department and tell him/her that you intend to shop around for your next renewal, unless you're offered a premium reduction. Most motor insurance sales staff have a lot of discretion about reducing quotes, particularly since you'll be dealing directly with them, and they will want to keep your business, so unless you have a bad accident/conviction record they'll be happy to negotiate. Ask for 25% off (you are a safe driver after all, and they're not paying commission to a broker) and it's up to them to haggle you down. It should take you no more than five minutes and you've a good chance of getting the cost lowered, perhaps substantially.

Want to save even more?

Then do a price comparison using the above link, pick out a quote that interests you and ring the new company in the same way. The very cheapest prices are often from 'second tier' companies which may or may not give a satisfactory service if you have to make a claim. It's usually best to stay away from them but you can use their prices as a bargaining point. Forget, also, about any companies that are difficult to contact, use premium rate numbers or whose staff speak with accents you can't understand; but if you select a well known and reputable company, tell them you'd love to switch to them if they will beat Cheapo Car Insurance (Gibraltar) Ltd's quote and you're in with a fair chance of getting a really good deal.  After all it costs them a fortune to advertise for new customers and they won't want to turn a good one away.

More advanced buying tips

The sales staff will try to upsell you to buy extras, such as legal cover, accident cover, courtesy car if your own is damaged, etc. These are almost inevitably grossly overpriced. When you turn them down you may well be offered a huge reduction. They are quite prepared to do this because even at a much lower price they will still be making a profit. If you want to buy at the new 'bargain' price, all well and good but be aware that they will be included on your next renewal, but this time at full price. Make sure you're ready for this; don't be lazy and lose out, but ring them in good time to cancel them before the policy is auto-renewed.

A warning for young motorists

Be realistic. If you're under 21 you will not be offered the lowest premiums available. For instance, if you live in the wrong postcode, want to insure a powerful old car or work as a part-time late night DJ you may struggle to get cover at all. However telematics might offer you a chance to get a far lower quotation than you would normally expect. There is a snag though. Your driving style is checked constantly and there will be no sympathy if you break speed limits, corner recklessly, drive regularly in the early hours of the morning or do any of the long list of transgressions that the insurer warns you against. Even as few as two strikes can produce a penalty. If you are lucky your premium will be increased. If not, cover may be withdrawn completely. Your chances of buying even a reasonably priced policy in the future would then be nil.

However; if you drive sensibly and carefully, you'll not only have far less chance of causing an accident and ending up seriously injured; or injuring other people; but you should be able to look forward to steadily reducing premiums as your insurer gets more and more confidence in you. It's in your own hands.

So, go ahead and ask for a price reduction!

The worst that could happen would be for them to say 'no' but it doesn't happen often. It won't take long, the call call should cost you little or nothing and you might find the best bargain car insurance that you're looking for!

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